Ang Maunlad Na Maynila, Pagasa Ng Bansa

Let me offer you in exchange for your trust my continuing resolve to see to it that the LAW is made to apply to everyone regardless of one’s status, rank or affiliation. This precept is best summed up in a campaign slogan, “The Law Applies To All, Otherwise, None At All!”. For indeed, in a government under a regime of law, no one should be above the law.

As a former law enforcement officer, I dream of a strong republic, buttressed by the sustained support a participation of person like you in combating the forces of evil, lawlessness and apathy in our day to day struggle to attain peace and order and desirable harmony in society where laws protect the weak against the dominance and abuses of the high and mighty.

Edmund Burke once remarked that the only thing needed for evil to triumph is for all good men like you to do nothing. Humbly, I seek your mandate to help me craft laws to restore peace and order, economic stability and progress in our country.

Like you, I envisioned a change-oriented government, a government that hears before it condemns, a government run by a competent, honest and dedicated officials solely motivated by the public and not personal interests: I am counting on your support.

Very truly yours,


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